Monday, 28 June 2010


If their rather hysterical reaction to the emergency budget is anything to go by, Labour have gone straight to a position of opposition with no responsibilty from a position of power with no responsibility.

As they shed their crocodile tears it should be remembered that Labour know all about hitting the poor.
  • Removed the 10% tax band, then compensated the middle classes
  • Lowered capital gains tax as a tax break for the rich
  • Froze personal allowances
  • Stole council rent calling it 'negative subsidy'
  • Renaged on manifesto commitment to restore the link between pensions and earnings
  • Destroyed the occupational pensions schemes millions relied on
You can see that penalising the poor is a very nuLabour thing to do.

A few Labour comentators do seem to genuinely understand the real issues at hand but by luck they are being drowned out by the tribal response. Labour promised to cut the deficit on half. They now refuse to tell anyone how they'd have done it. That is almost certainly because they'd have done exactly the same, with the only difference being when.

Unless Labour are willing to tell everyone where their axe would fall they simply have no credibility.

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