Monday, 16 August 2010

The People's Republic of Reading Festival

Last year I wrote about Reading Festival. I admit that it's always been my favourite festival and that was before I moved to Reading.

I was on standby to do some humping (it's a technical term so stop giggling at the back) for the 1986 festival, but in the end they had enough stage crew so I missed the cut. My first Festival was in 1987 which started with the Friday night goth fest of which a few bootleg tapes may exist. Okay, one set of bootleg tapes exist. Okay, I admit it. I taped: The Mission, Zodiac Mindwarp, Fields of the Nephilim and The Bolshoi. That's when I learned that Festival crowd recordings aren't a good idea.

Not only was it my first Reading Festival and bootlegging the bands but also smuggling in cans of beer for my mates in my stage pass encrusted flight case. So it's not without a certain irony that 23 years later I find myself responsible for a large number of areas in the council that make up the Festival. Licensing, food safety, health & safety, environmental health, litter and trading standards.

In 1990 I was offered a job working for See Factor, who were a major world wide tour company, working on lighting in New York and I have many friends still in the industry. I decided to carry on with IT. Yet, one way or another it seems I was going to end up here!

Now I wonder if I can have a word with the Libertines and ask one of their members why they stole my guest pass for the 2007 festival from Creation Records' office? Any no, it wasn't Pete Doherty!

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