Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tony Jones' (Not so) Fantasy Councillor League 2008

I remember Tony Jones, the man who is about as independent as Britain's nuclear deterrent.

Here's his take on the potential 2008 Labour local election selection.

Abbey Page - There for the taking - Who could run him close?
Battle Crisp - Mr Invisible in the ward - refer to Civic Offices
Caversham Waite - stand down (rather than face defeat to Tories)
Church Goodall - stand down (see Waite)
Katesgrove Sutton - running, but scared (Lib Dems to win)
Kentwood Lloyd - stand down (see Waite)
Minster Wilton - stand down (see Waite)
Norcot Lovelock - next Leader (god help us)
Park Hartley - (see Crisp and Sutton)
Redlands Kayes - failed cllr to fail again; Choudri stand down, rather than be deselected
Southcote Edwards - annoyingly ordinary
Whitley Orton - (see Crisp)

He was still a member of the Labour Party when he wrote this. I'm sure they have welcomed him back with open arms, they are that desperate.

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