Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fetid Dingos Kidneys

How can you tell when the South East Regional Manager of UNISON is making things up?

Easy... he posts another blog entry.

It's not just him dancing to the tune of his political masters and fabricating news, the whole Labour Party membership is at it hoping for a state of collective amnesia. They've resorted to making up garbage about the upcoming local elections and a pact that only exists as Labour wishful thinking. They clearly do not understand politics in the modern age. I can assure you that every ward will have a Lib Dem candidate campaigning on Lib Dem policies not the Coalition's.

Also exposed is their latest attempt to smear the Lib Dems in the form of a handwritten letter to the Reading Post purporting to be sent in by me for the letters page. Luckily it was easily seen through, like their party, but unfortunately I think a taste of things to come. I'll be an interested by-stander in the Labour game of "how low can we go?" I'm expecting to be surprised about the depths to which they'll stoop. They're crawling on their bellies but they can get lower and will.

Their only tactic seems to be throwing their own faeces at opponents hoping some of it will stick. Well, I've got news for them. I'm cleaning up their crap faster than they can fling it and that includes the mess they made of the council finances.

In some ways it is sad to see that all that's left of the once proud socialist party is a hysterical banshee wailing at anyone stupid enough to believe their lies. Since they are no longer representative of Labour, they should perhaps change their name to the Guilty Party.

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