Monday, 20 December 2010

How Labour Works

Reading Labour have been quite gung-ho about their "decapitation" campaign in Redlands. That might have had some momentum if their 2010 candidate had continued with her candidacy, but for some unfathomable reason she has handed over the reigns to complete unknown Jan Gavin.

Of course, Kelly Edwards decision to stand in Whitley rather than Redlands has absolutely nothing to do with her working for Green Issues, who are currently enagaged in "community consultation" over the redevelopment of the former Courage brewery site in Whitley ward. No doubt she has been allocated work outside the Borough of Reading and has nothing to do with that particular brief and I wouldn't want to suggest the two are linked.

It is more likely that she feels she has a better chance of winning in the Labour rotten ward of Whitley than staying and fighting for the ward she felt would be better served by her only 9 months ago.

I also hear that the dead hand of Trish Thomas is also still at work in Reading (she who demanded a recount of the 2008 Katesgrove result to keep David Sutton's defeat out of the ITV lunchtime news). Mrs. Hanley has been complaining to Mrs. Ruhemann about those nasty Lib Dems. You would hope that she would get a life after retiring from the council, but it's not that simple it would appear.

Talking of dead hands, just why would John Howarth be in regular correspondance with Rajinder Sohpal (former Labour councillor and RCRE bigwig) given that both appear on the face of it to have given up working for Reading Labour?

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