Friday, 31 December 2010

New Labour - P!$$ing Your Money Up the Wall

As always suspected Labour p!$$ed away £292m of our money on a scheme they knew was unworkable.

Here are two interpretations of the fiasco:

Damian Green, the home office minister, said: "The Identity Card Scheme was intrusive, bullying, ineffective and expensive.”


Andy Burnham, who oversaw the biometric cards while a Home Office minister, said: “The Tory-Lib Dem government are trying to make the cards a totem of what our government stood for– but I think they were a good idea and many people are still be in favour of them."

Where Labour completely fail in their reaching out to Lib Dems (blooming perverts!) is that whilst they continue to defend their authoritarian centralism agenda and fail to apologise for their vast waste of public money, they can bog right off.

And of course it was a totem of what Labour stand for and an apposite one at that. Wasting public money on things that have negligible benefit is all that New Labour was all about. The fact that Andy Burnham is still so unapologetic exposes New Labour as the Stalinist bunch of control freaks we know them to be.

Revealed the full shambles of the id card trial in Greater Manchester

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