Thursday, 23 December 2010

Reading Labour - A House Divided

With the Shinfield Road traffic scheme continuing to be a poison legacy to the town from Labour, it is probably worth reminding people exactly who the individuals were who were responsible for it.

Reading Borough Council Cabinet - 15th February 2010.

“Objections to RBC’s proposals for Shinfield Road. We the undersigned, agree with increased safety and a better environment for the area. But we object to specific parts of RBC’s plan for the following reasons:

1. Removing the roundabouts will increase traffic and congestion levels.
2. The study ignores crucial factors and lacks scientific rigor.
3. No provisions for a pollution monitoring system have been made public.
4. The plan is neither generally balanced of cost effective.
5. The plan is specifically unfair to the area’s residents and workers.
6. RBC’s proposals may be illegal.”

The reaction of those in charge to this petition:

Cabinet resolved –
(1) That the petitions be noted;
(2) That the Borough of Reading (Shinfield Road) (Civil Enforcement Area) (Waiting Restrictions) Order 2009 be introduced at the appropriate time as advertised;
(3) That the Head of Transport be authorised to make minor changes to the Order if appropriate;
(4) That no public inquiry be held into the proposals;
(5) That the objector and lead petitioners be informed accordingly.

Now who was responsible for giving the go ahead to the scheme and despite objections agreeing to implement the scheme? Let's look at the members of the cabinet present at the meeting: Councillors Lovelock (Chair), Edwards, Ennis, Gittings, Hartley, Hoskin, Page, Orton and Tickner.

Is this the same Councillor Orton who also said: “The Shinfield Road scheme is clogging up cars and buses alike. As local councillors representing South Reading we are experiencing the problems ourselves and are having them reported to us daily. We can’t go on like this. The lead councillor for transport has promised a review in six months. This is not good enough.”

Councillor Page has despite the chaos strongly defended the cabinet decision - a cabinet decision that Councillor Orton was equally responsible for making. I think the residents of Whitley arre owed an abject apology from one of their councillors and Rachel Eden and Jim Hanley should make a public statement distancing themselves from their ward colleague's behaviour if they want to be taken seriously with their complaints.

Labour's way locally and nationally is to completely screw up things, crap all over residents and voters, then attack those who try to clean up their mess. Like Labour, it doesn't wash.

Councillor Orton should either publically apologise to his residents for his actions or shut up.

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The other Warren said...

Great that you keep exposing these New Labour types.

Keep up the good work.