Monday, 17 January 2011

The Dead Hand at the Tiller

It's getting scary isn't it. First you discover John Howarth is still lurking around behind the scenes of the local Reading Labour party and then it gets worse. Just when you thought you'd seen the back of the two faced hypocrite, the fishy former MP for the Greater Reading area is back (virtually that is) and sticking his oar in dispensing advice.

Rachel Eden appears to be a nice enough person so she should think twice of listening to the man who petitioned to save the Reading Sorting Office, took the Communications Workers Union members' monies to pay for his office... then shafted them by voting for its closure.

From Facebook:

Martin Salter ahh...memories, memories. Seriously though..loads of press, drip feed announcements about new supporters, turn up with cameras at the homes of prominent Tory and LibDem cllrs demanding they sign and a personal letter/email to each petition signature. Best of luck !

Reading Labour haven't changed and it's no surprise that Martin Salter is advocating criminal activity as a campaigning tool. It highlights what we have always known that their campaigning has a complete disregard for the law. Unfortunately whilst it may have been permissible in his day, the Protection from Harrassment Act 1997 means that others should think carefully before following his advice and harrassing people in their own homes or about sending a letter or email to signers of a petition which without clearly asking prior permission and obtaining it is a breach of the Data Protection Act.

There is a quite rotten underbelly in Labour politics where the end justifies the means. The mosque assault on the Tory candidate and voter fraud in Redlands are just the tip of the iceberg. I've been assaulted going about my ward work (yes, I reported it to the police and the council) and I think we're beginning to see a pattern. It would seem that intimidation is still one of their tactics. Perhaps their idea is to scare the elected from talking to their constituents.

Well it isn't going to work.


Seems Martin is also threatening to kill his own supporters on Facebook:

Martin Salter Please stop Duncan Bruce. If he gets into politics I shall have to kill him.


From Twitter:
@ReadlingLabour Cllr Swaine (@waswasere) has recently posted a comment which he attributes to Fmr. MP Martin Salter. This comment is not true and is false.

I love the fact that I've published two comments and they use the singular in denying it to be true. Which one is it? ;0) I hope Martin doesn't want to kill Duncan Bruce but he usually gets his way in the local Labour party.

I might be having a laugh at their expense over them obviously not knowing how to delete comments from Facebook, but it's funny how they shriek hysterically at the slightest thing yet barefaced lies never bother them when they put them in their own leaflets.

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