Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Reading Labour - Political Scumbags

I'm a union member and the proudest achievement for me as a Lib Dem will be the introduction of equal pay once and for all to Reading. Was it Labour who delivered it? Was it hell. They were too busy playing off one union against another and protecting their own self-interests to do the right thing for the hard working council staff they crapped all over whilst in power.

Don't take my word for it, why not read what the unions had to say last April before the election. Bear in mind that what Unison are describing here is the Labour administration before you believe another weasel word offered by Lovelock, Page, Ruheman, Ennis and Orton. This was written about them (highlighting and underlining is mine):
Pay and Reward update by Roy Leader

There is nothing to report on pay and reward. The most recent meeting with management was cancelled. The last meeting that was held between management and the unions was counterproductive as management stated they were not prepared to share information with us.

My conclusion is that pay and reward is comatose and whilst the unions would dearly like to resuscitate the sick patient unfortunately the management seem determined to switch off the life support.

What angers me the most is that the failure to implement has led to so many of our members being worse off, in many cases they are being denied equal pay for work of equal value as measured under the NJC scheme, even more of you are being denied incremental increases you may have been due had the scheme been introduced.

On the other side of the coin there are a few staff who benefit by the non-introduction of pay and reward. A few staff were identified as being paid more than the work they do is worth and a few more as receiving unjustifiable bonuses and honoraria. In many cases these are still being paid.

If one group of staff enjoy a bonus just for turning up to work shouldn’t we should all get one? If an individual gets a large honorarium each payday for something that they did so long ago nobody can even remember what it was, shouldn’t we all?

This should be making you angry, you are getting no pay rise this year and probably not for the foreseeable future, your council tax has gone up, your petrol bill has gone up and your likelihood of redundancy has gone up on top of that RBC are deliberately choosing to delay implementing fair pay and reward.

If you are angry start asking questions, start hassling your managers and expressing your disappointment because by keeping quiet they will assume there isn’t a problem.

Uniform Election Special Spring 2010
Let's just outline what the Unison rep is telling staff members they know all about:
  • Labour have refused to even talk about implementing equal pay (it is "comatose")
  • Union members are worse off because of Labour's refusal to implement the scheme.
  • Some staff are being paid by Labour for more than the work they actually do.
  • Labour pay some staff just for turning up to work.
  • Labour continue to pay some staff a bonus for things they no longer do.
All this whilst stating:
  • Labour will continue to put up council tax
  • Labour will give them no pay rise
  • Labour are going to make staff redundant.
I agree. Staff should be angry. But they should also be angry with their unions for hiding what they knew was going on and Tony Jones in particular who is the UNISON South East Regional manager who would have known exactly what was going on whilst his own party was shafting his union's members.

If staff are angry they really need to ask why are their union representaves are so supine and willing to back Labour in public and hide the reality from them that Labour were using the Equal Pay money from the poorest staff each year to fund their pet projects and budget overspend. Maybe they would like to ask self-styled socialist (sic) John Ennis why he chose to dump all over council workers when he was in the Labour cabinet?

The unions have been playing the "you scratch my back, we'll scratch yours" game with public money for nearly a decade funding Labour's campaigns with money and payments in kind, like the use of the Unison franking machine during the general election.

What have union members ever got from Reading Labour other than the closure of the sorting office and an unequal pay regime that elevates the Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club to a beacon organisation in comparison to a Labour run RBC. What indeed?

I'm not revealing sensitive internal Council documents here, they are publically available. If you want to find out exactly why the unions support Reading Labour you can easily find out - a few choice keywords into Google is all that's needed. No, I'm not going to point you at it. Do your own work!

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