Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Budget Proposal

At the last council meeting, Labour proposed the following amendment:

After recommendation 2.3 add additional recommendation as follows:

2.4 That when the further proposals referred to in 1.6 of this report are brought to the Cabinet in February 2011, the Chief Executive is instructed to include proposals to provide Council services to a broader market of both other public agencies and also possibly private sector organisations in order to increase revenues as an alternative to cuts to services.

The coalition fully agreed with this proposal and added it to the report, largely on the basis that it's exactly what we've been doing all along. Duh!

Now, as Labour moved the amendment, I'm sure that they will agree totally with my proposal to seek alternative funding by offering the services of three full time union officials to other public agencies and invoice the unions for the full cost recovery of the FTE (Full Time Employees) posts currently paid for by council tax payers thereby avoiding cutting three full time posts from front line services to pay for them.

After all, it's exactly what they asked for!

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