Thursday, 3 February 2011

Standards are Slipping

Seems that Jo Lovelock and Unison as well as spreading misinformation are proposing to waste even more public money on completely pointless referrals of political opponents to the Standards Committee.

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And I think people are entitled to call it a hidden payment if there is no line item in the budget for it under salaries and the appendix containing the text of the agreement has been missing for 13 years from the committee minutes library and not publicly available from the council web site.  It's called fair comment.

It seems Labour's defence of the agreement is that the terms of the deal was made publicly available in 1998 to anyone who attended the meeting and also to anyone who went down to the basement with a torch where they would find it in the filing cabinet marked 'Beware of the Leopard'.

She also seems to know a lot about the meeting 13 years ago that agreed to implement it when she wasn't even there:
Present:   Councillor Sohpal (Chair);
 Councillors Bello, Green, Lockey, Putt and Sutton.
Apologies: Councillor Lovelock

And for a bunch of bullies they really are a bunch of precious little flowers taking offence at the slightest whisper of critique. They weren't so sensitive when Labour members became accessories to the murder of 250,000 Iraqi civilians. Shame on them!

So here's another one for her to report. Jo Lovelock is using the Standards Committee for political purposes.

Maybe a charge of £1,000 for each unsuccessful referral needs to be considered to stop Labour continuing to waste even more council tax payers money using it to tie up officers and opponents. Then again, they'd probably get Unison to pay it for them!

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