Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Unequal Pay

Now here's an interesting thing. Unison have told staff that:

"the trades unions have not agreed to any part of the Pay and Grading (P & G) scheme."

[My underlining]

Any part? Like the bit where staff will get equal pay for equal work? I can understand why unions and their members may not like aspects of the deal, but this is a pretty categorical statement for the rejection of any aspect of it and just to be clear this is the deal that was put together by the previous Labour administration that they were too scared to implement.

This is the point where staff should start to understand that the backhanders their union officials got from the Labour administration bouight their silence. Union officials should NOT be paid for by their employer if they want to be seen as representing the best interests of their members rather than the cosy symbiosis of Labour and senior union branch officials.

I'm a union man. I would urge all staff to join a union. But for goodness sake have the bollocks to reclaim your union!

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