Monday, 7 March 2011

And Now The End Is Near

It's the end of an era and Reading politics is really going to miss Jo Lovelock's incompetent  performances as leader of the opposition. I wish her well in her retirement from front bench politics but from of the sound of it local Labour member's wish her a happy retirement as soon as possible as well. What's that you say? You haven't heard the announcement. Of course not, but we all know it's inevitable.

It didn't help her campaign to retain the top job emailing the administration her strategy for the crucial budget meeting but hey, we've all sent things over the Internet that maybe we shouldn't have!

Today she was summoned to Unison HQ to get her orders. How times have changed, eh? Having to meet up with Tony Jones who flounced out from the Labour Party because of behind the scenes stitch up for leader and deputy leader didn't go the way his ego wanted. [Foolishly I believed his official reason that it was over political differences. A union insider put me right on that!] Delicious irony.

Well, that's what happens if you run a bankrupt party and have to go cap in hand to the unions for money. If only the unions had worked that one out whilst Labour were in charge. RBC staff may have been paid equal pay by now!

Still the members got their chance to ask the chief architect of the failure by Labour to implement equal pay for an equal days work. I hope it didn't descend into a political meeting. They obviously have spent far too much time being political if they couldn't get equal pay from a Labour council after 13 years of Single Statutory Pay being on the agenda at Personnel Committee.

It can't be all bad though. Unison can obviously still afford free scoff and gambling in these times of austerity which presumably is why they are so upset about the loss of free money from the Council. Must be a bit of a no brainier for them. £12,000 to fund Labour's local election costs. Use of the General Political Fund to run a bogusly "non-political" anti-coalition campaign. £90,000 grand from Labour per annum courtesy of the council tax payer to fund union officials salaries - Priceless.

I guess that betting must be starting on the next Labour opposition leader.

Rachel Eden is obviously ambitious and has to be a contender because to be honest there isn't that much talent to go around but she'll probably be too busy getting herself in position to stand in Reading West.

No, if Labour have any sense, they'll go for John Ennis replace Mrs. Ruhemann. I've got a lot of time for John. He has the ability to attack the opposition without being unpleasant about it afterwards, unlike a lot of his colleagues. Although quite why a socialist (or indeed former communist) would want to be seen leading a party of class traitors is another matter!

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