Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Reading Labour Guilty of Breaking the Law.

I can say that without contradiction. They have used a copyright photograph without obtaining permission from the copyright holder in their Reading Banner. That's a £6,000 fine or six months imprisonment thank you very much.

You see they believe that the law doesn't apply to Reading Labour as the postal votes fraud in Redlands showed. There's more to that story than ever came out in public if my sources are to be believed and I believe them more than the local Labour Party.

They lie and smear in their leaflets. They accept cheating as a way of life when campaigning. The Katesgrove Smear warns about hundreds more parking meters in residential areas in an attempt to suggest that Katesgrove residents will get parking meters in residential streets. It is completely fabricated bollocks.

Their tactics are to throw as much monkey shit as they can and hope it sticks but they are the ones with smelly hands.

During the last election they responded to a complaint about a completely fabricated lie in their Reading Banner by ignoring the complaint, hoping that whilst it was an actionable statement some parties simply don't have the money to pursue it legally. They were right.

Their election agents use the argument that "I never saw it" as a defence. Firstly, that's pure balderdash and second legally irrelevant. Tony Page in response to an accusation of making a deliberately fictitious election statement defended it with "I overheard it". Again . If that's the case then I've "overheard" him say many things that he can't prove I didn't... like when I was in the group room and he was wandering outside speaking on his mobile phone not realising I was there.

Yet the slightest comment from their opponents that they think can be used to bully and harass them no matter how nebulous and they use their vast union funded muscle to fund their threats and intimidation.

They will get respect when they deserve it. Bullying hypocrites deserve none.


I hope Duncan Bruce has got permission from the Chronicle to use their photograph and written permission from the parents to use it on his blog:
It would be a terrible shame to see him appear in court before the election or have to face down angry parents.

Labour have form on this. They used a photo of a tree planting in Katesgrove featuring local children taken from the Post in 2008. Angered parents and didn't do David Sutton any good.

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