Saturday, 19 March 2011

Standard Response

Seems the local Standards Board has determined that councillors have a specific exemption from human rights legislation of being allowed to have any personal opinions.

They also make a completely unfounded accusation that I blamed council officers... unless of course they are inferring that union officials who do not report to any manager in the council and are free to conduct politicking paid for by council tax payers are council officers. These are not independent council officers. They attend the political General Committee meetings of the local Labour Party as representatives of the unions.

They refer to me not providing any evidence about comments in my personal blog, made in my own time... except you can't provide evidence to the Standards Board because have no right to represent yourself or be heard by these unelected guardians of public sensibility.

They did however find on a previous occassion that it was perfectly acceptable for a Labour councillor to accuse another member of being a twat in a public council meeting.

Just in case they were not paying attention. This is my blog written in my own time as personal comment. They have no right to censor my opinions when I am not acting in an official capacity. They have exceeded their remit.

Fact: In 1997 the unions asked the Labour council to fund three full time posts.
Fact: Prior to that they were not fully funded posts - they were allowed reasonable time off for industrial relations work.
Fact: The Labour council acquiesced to that request and agreed to fund the salaries for full time union work in 1998.
Fact: These union officials do not report to any council officer like anyother member of staff.
Fact: The facilities agreement allows paid time off to work on matters that specifically includes developing union policy which solely favours the Labour Party.
Fact: The unions donate rather generously to the local Labour Party.

The whole complaint is Labour bullying of the worst kind and an attempt to sweep whistle blowing under the table with threats.

If they were so proud of it why did they not tell anyone about the facilities agreement for 13 years? Did they feel it was something they needed to hide?

Use of the standards committee is a shameful abuse of council resources.

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