Sunday, 20 March 2011

Walking in the rain just to get wet on purpose.

Quite an interesting position to be in... as in the Chinese curse definition of interesting!

Both the local and national Lib Dems are looking for a futile gesture at this stage to raise the whole tone of the war and are encouraging me to pop over to Bremen in a crate and not come back. I've even been given the crate! However, if anything it's quite liberating to not have to answer to anyone or follow orders anymore. On the upside, I now have a far better idea of who my friends are in the local party. Not that many ;0)

I got involved in local politics because what I was digging up when writing muckspReading showed evidence of a Labour council that stank to high heaven. Since becoming a councillor, if anything, I've found it to be worse than I thought.

Here's one to try for yourself - name organisations wholly or partly funded by Reading Borough Council that have former Labour councillors in senior positions.

Labour's tactic of abusing the role of the standards committee is to try to imply that I've been compromising council officers. Codswallop. Council officers were only following orders and policies laid down by the Labour party which has reacted in the way that you would expect any organisation to behave when confronted with the possibility of inconvenient facts becoming public knowledge - shoot the messenger.

Morituri te salutant!

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