Thursday, 7 April 2011

Apology... what apology?

So Reading Labour have published an "apology" for using a copyrighted picture without permissions... except their apology is a lie.

"thought we had permission" - complete bullshit and they know it (as too I suspect do the Post). All political campaigners from any party know that you have to pay a fee to use pictures from the local paper. I love they way they also admit that they have been breaking the law for several years.

They really can't help it can they.

Also after 23 years in power they don't seem to understand how local government finance works. After looking at their budgets, that is not a surprise. They were either incompetent or guilty of dubious practices.

I'll be nice to them and assume it was incompetence... but there is still the matter of the mystery £10,000 transfer between cost centres that I was told not to investigate too deeply, payment of £20,000 on a contract that Darlington City council officers suggested in a report to their members would probably not be legal and the small matter of what exactly were Labour up to with Section 106 payments?

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