Friday, 8 April 2011

The Carpetbaggers

Reading Labour Party's latest work of fiction sneers at the Tories for not fielding local candidates. So how does Labour's record stack up?

They have 15 candidates and a piss-poor 4 of them actually live in the ward where they are standing. The Tories in fact have 6 candidates who live in their ward. Greens 7, Lib Dems 8. The Common Sense party are only fielding 6 candidates, but only one of them lives in the ward they want to represent.

But back to the 'do what I say, not as I do' brigade of brigands:
  • Chris Maskell (Battle) lives in Norcot
  • Paul Gittings (Minster) lives in Battle
  • Pete Ruhemann (Southcote) lives in Kentwood.
  • Miss Norcot has to negotiate several wards and the IDR to get to Redlands... luckily it's not one way, eh Jan?
  • Kelly Edwards' previous commitment to represent Redlands looks to have been complete hogwash as she obviously prefers to campaign for green issues in Whitley.
  • Their Katesgrove candidate will be campaigning strongly for a third Thames bridge
Yet, if Labour reassigned their candidates to actually stand where they live, they could have 8 candidates standing up for their local area.

But of course it's not about fielding local candidates for them. It's about taking the electorate for granted. Complete hypocrites but you didn't need me to tell you that.

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Glenn said...

You forgot, that Labours current Redlands revolving-door-candidate hales from West Reading