Friday, 1 April 2011

Every Individual is the Architect of His Own Fortune.

For those who missed it, this is the April fool post. However, there is one bit that is true... the bit about the laptop. Hee hee hee!
After long deliberation, I have resigned from the Liberal Democrats. Sadly, I came to the conclusion that that was the only course left open to me after finding out what has been going on behind the scenes at national party level. Now I know how mushrooms feel... left in the dark and fed on manure.

Perhaps I should have acted earlier once I discovered what was going on. It was tricky keeping quiet, but intelligence has to be carefully considered before it is used. One foolish person handed me back a laptop which had been used to log into emails and store sensitive internal party documents. Idiot. Never give a computer hacker a PC that hasn't been securely deleted. Even NTFS files can be restored if you have access to the right tools and the administrator password. And I have both - it was originally my PC!

Reading some of the hundreds (literally) of email complaints to region and the national party (mostly from one person it has to be said) about me over the last two years and the endless correspondance between senior party figures inevitably meant that their minds have been made up in advance of any investigation so I guess they had no reason to ask me for my side of the story, which they never have. All my tweets have been trawled through and several selected to add to the charges including one where I innocently used the term "nitty-gritty" when apparently it's a derogatory term used on slave ships.

It became obvious that I was about to be hung out to dry when I read one email from the Lib Dem press office which suggested that if they handled the "situation" properly, it could even be used make Nick Clegg look less unpopular by diverting attention and giving the impression of decisive action.

Looking forward, I still have one year to go as a councillor and I have no intention of resigning from the council. I enjoy helping residents bash their way through red-tape - after all it's why I got involved in the first place.

For me, the main question is whether I would want to carry on beyond that and as it was clear that I was not welcome in the Lib Dems any more I'm giving serious consideration to approaching the local Conservatives. I've had nothing but support from my constituents, including the local Nigerian community who said that they would personally support me not the party if I stood again.

On the other hand it could be fun to form a fourth council group with the Greens. It's quite clear that they are being led up the garden path by Labour who have told them a complete load of tosh and they've fallen for it. I know where the bodies are buried. They don't.

Of course, I expect a certain amount of vitriol from my former colleagues, but that goes with the territory. It happens when anyone leaves a party so I'm ready for it. As I said, I've got numerous internal documents and reports that would make uncomfortable reading if they were put in the public domain, but I'm not going to be hasty about it. The noblest kind of retribution is not to become like your enemy.

Let them hate so long as they fear, Lucius Accius (170 BC - 86 BC)


Jane Griffiths said...

the date duly noted. this has to be an April fool. You were allowed to read complaints made about you? rather than just being told there were hundreds of them?

Was said...

Of course, they haven't sent me anything.

The hacked email account was more illuminating. I've been reading one "leading" local Lib Dem's emails for months!

Randall said...

Can still view first paragraph of your post.

Great read BTW