Tuesday, 12 April 2011

How Reading Politics Works... #257 - The Local Press

Odd isn't it, when RCRE put out a quite vindictive press release about me knowing full well that I could not respond to their complaint once it had been made to the local Standards Board the local press were falling all over themselves to get quotes and print their malicious allegations.

However, when the local Standards Board ruled two weeks ago that there is nothing wrong with my posts, the silence has been deafening.

For the record, my posts about the "grassroots" campaign, which in at least one instance used a lie to support RCRE's case, solicited the following ruling from the local Standards Board:

"It did not find that the comments were critical of or 'belittled' the persons responsible for sending the emails on the grounds of their gender or race, not did they do so in relation to any other person referred to"

"Whilst the comments were critical, it did not considered the posts to be unfair, unreasonable or demeaning of these people within the context they were made"

The local press are proving quick to denounce and trash but slow to vindicate. I have my own thoughts as to whose agenda that supports. I even gave them a 'quote' for a change.

Still they're no different from my own party who have acted with indecent haste and failure to apply even simple rules of habeus corpus or any semblance of natural justice on similarly supplied malicious and false accusations so maybe I shouldn't be too harsh.

There are, however, strict rules in place covering charities and political campaiging. I wonder if the Charities Commission would like to hear about Registered Charity No. 1133358 use of Bet Tickner in their media campaign.

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