Sunday, 3 April 2011

Labouring a Point

There seems to be a curious co-incidence about the recent flurry of complaints to the local Standards Committee about me...

Richard McKenzie - Labour Park ward candidate and all round bad egg.

Duncan Bruce - Labour Thames ward candidate and sensitive soul who doesn't like being reminded that Labour Party members are complicit in the unecessary deaths of 250,000 Iraqi civilians and according to a pre-invasion warning from MI6 culpable for the increased threat to the UK from islamic terrorism.

Jo Lovelock - Labour leader for the next five weeks who continues removing specks from the eyes of opponents, yet seems paralysed when it comes to dealing with her husband who Labour party internal emails show was responsible for lying about opponents and guilty of defamation during the last election and more recently for calling opposition members nazi collaborators.

Rajinder Sohphal - Former Labour Party councillor and someone I know for a fact last April was in regular correspondance with John "One Way IDR" Howarth, also a former Labour councillor and printer of discounted Labour leaflets.

Gloria Jack - COHSE and Unison Branch secretary and regular speaker at Labour Party conferences. I don't have access to the Labour membership list but I have a sneaking suspicion that she may be a Labour party member. If she isn't she has a close association with them and can be described at the very minimum as a supporter.

Detect a pattern here? Yep. All Labour members or supporters abusing the standards process for what can only be described as 'for political purposes'.

Why can I say so? Because they blogged, tweeted and press released their "anonymous" complaints to the standards board. The person being complained about is not able to comment once it has been lodged but they persisted in making malicious comments in public and to the press. It's why the standards process stinks.

Oh, and if you want to know what the standards board said about Rajinder Sohpal and Gloria Jack's complaint on behalf of RCRE?

"Whilst the comments were critical, it did not consider them to be unfair, unreasonable or demeaning to the people within the context they were made."

I can't help but think that it was a move to bully me in an attempt to stop me revealing more facts, like the details of a phone call I was asked to take in Rajinder's office last year just before a grievance hearing...

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