Wednesday, 13 April 2011

RCRE isn't a black and white issue.

I wasn't intending to do another post on RCRE but they are beginning to get quite vicious and nasty with their defence of their gravy train, acting like ferrets in a sack, swinging punches at anyone who disagrees with them and playing the racist card to the maximum.

All the council has done is ask them to justify the spending of hundreds of thousands of pounds of council tax payers money on them which has caused them to cry foul when asked for some accountability and above all verifiable outcomes. Instead, we've seen smears, attacks and lies used to justify their existence.

The irony of RCRE accusing local bloggers and commentators of hiding behind anonymity isn't lost. How about RCRE publishing a deliberate and knowing falsehood on their website?

"Apart from some officers and some Councillors who are keen to see RCRE close..."

Who could they be talking about? It certainly isn't me. I've never said that I've wanted to see them closed and I have publicly stated that RCRE does some valuable work.

So if it's not me being referred to who could they be talking about. I can't think of anyone. In fact, I don't know a single officer or councillor who is "keen" to see RCRE close. If they are so sure that that is a fact then go on, name them? They can't. It is just smears, libel and slander where questioning value for money results in unfounded accusations of racism and intolerance.

The council is still providing funding for their accommodation and some of their projects yet they insist on implying to their supporters that the council is cutting all funding for them. What is so wrong with being accountable? They have never given a reason for why they should not have to do what every other group asking for public money is obliged to do... justify it. One possible answer is perhaps that they can't.

My reward for pointing out that at least one of their valiant band of "courageous" supporters was lying was to be reported to the local Standards Board by them. My suspicions were aroused because the "supporters" claim was the same untruth told to me by a fellow board member when I joined the board which I previously discovered had turned out to be false.

This is the same organisation that chased the Labour Party's racist NI35 Preventing Violent Extremism cash when the Muslim community came out and totally opposed Reading's participation in it. An organisation who were involved in organising a meeting about Gaza to which Jewish organisations were not invited. There are many questionable aspects about RCRE's definition of what is racist and their actions serving a very narrow agenda.

And that is without asking wider questions on the conduct of senior board members one of whom thought that I would be able to help him in a meeting with planning officers about a planning application despite representing a ward that was nowhere near where he lives or where his business is based?

There was another particularly distasteful episode where there was obvious collusion between board members and an attempt to compromise my impartiality when I was chairing a grievance hearing by asking me to delay its end so that legal papers could be served on the person with a grievance. I refused. They were not happy. Perhaps that's why they have been so vituperative about me?

There is a place for organisations like RCRE but for them to think that they are above local accountability is quite shocking. They made malicious complaints about me without foundation. I worked with RCRE for two years as a critical friend and was saddened to see after all my hard work for them to find that they hold malice in their hearts. Perhaps the problem is not with the organisation but the management.

Some might be forgiven for thinking that they are actually the Reading Campaign for Rajinder's Employment.

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