Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tributo a The Cure

Can't let Robert Smith's Birthday and the 30th anniversary of my first ever gig go unmarked. Thanks Bob for all these years of reminding me that there is always a more miserable ****er than myself out there somewhere and to bloody well cheer up!

21/04/81 Portsmouth Guildhall
22/04/82 Southampton Gaumont
06/05/84 Portsmouth Guildhall
11/08/90 Crystal Palace
19/01/91 Wembley Arena
13/06/93 XFM
01/06/96 Earl's Court
22/04/00 Wembley Arena
25/05/00 Dallas Starplex
09/07/02 Hyde Park
11/12/03 Islington Academy
09/07/04 Move Festival
01/03/06 RAH
20/03/08 Wembley Arena
27/02/09 O2

Picture tour. Stayed behind after school. Got to front of stage when the doors opened and stayed there the whole gig. No support. Instead The Cure had a film called Carnage Visors made by Simon Gallup's Brother.

I took what seemed to be half of the Portsmouth High School for Girls sixth form to The Top gig. Funny how the boys who'd taken the piss out of me for wearing my Cure jacket to school (with a hand painted logo) suddenly became Cure fans.

Crystal Palace Bowl hosted The Garden Party with James, Lush and All About Eve supporting! There was a lake between the fans and the stage.

The Dallas gig was a real laugh. When I found out the tour date, I managed to persuade Fujitsu that I needed to stay one more week to finish off a web site. I discovered that an English accent meant that I didn't have to present ID to get a beer and that apparently walking back into town on your own through Deep Ellum at 12am is not recommended by the locals.

Islington Academy was a benefit gig. Dom Joly was there and as a collectors item the band played The Lovecats.

I'm seeing them at Bestival this September.

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