Saturday, 30 April 2011

What is she scared of?

Another letter from the mysterious J Lake in support of Labour published in the Post.

Who could this masked fighter for the oppressed be?

Surely not well known Labour member and activist Jill Lake? It couldn't be, for that Jill would no doubt be proud to lend her name to the fight against the forces of evil. Come on Jill, what have you got to hide?

I don't have access to any personal data but even I know that you live in Alexandra Road, like I know the local Labour chair lives in New Road. These are not secrets so why invoke the name and address withheld every time you write to the Post? If you stick your head above the paparet, you can no longer can claim anonymity because no one forced you to do it.

Jill seemed happy enough for her address to be used for Labour Leaflets to hide the fact that their candidates in the last election and this don't actually live in Redlands.

My questions are:

1) Why is Jill so coy about letting people know it's her (even to the extent of hiding her first name) who is writing these diatribes? Something to hide?

2) Why does the Post continually allow letters from a well known Labour activist like Jill to be published without an address? Everyone else has to give one unless there is good reason and there is nothing in her polemic aside from bile that justifies that status.

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