Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Last night's Annual Meeting finally answered a few questions. No real surprises, but absolute confirmation of what everyone suspected.

It is a fact that Gul Khan is now in the eyes of many a dishonourable man, although even I didn't think he would manage to top his failure to live up to his public comments. But he did, in the most spectacular foot-in-mouth fashion, when he made the most mean-spirited final speech I've heard a mayor make.

After a year of loyal service his deliberate lack of thanks to Jenny Rynn has to be the mark of a man with no grace or with a shred of dignity left. And that after Jenny stepped in to deputise for him when he rather conveniently couldn't manage to find the time to attend Reading Pride last year.

He couldn't even say the word "dignity" choking on the word several times as he tried to say it.

But if you think that Gul sold his soul cheap (£2,400 to be precise), that is nothing compared with the Greens who from a position of strength managed to get absolutely bugger all in the most ham-fisted set of negotiations since Spain gave up Gibraltar for nothing in 1713.

The Greens failure was all too easily predicted (I did) but we learned a few home truths along the way. Like Rob White is a man who cannot be trusted. He makes up facts to tell his group and the media. I think I'm now entitled to snigger when he uses the word integrity to describe himself. He has none. A charlatan in a suit.

The Greens could have got their wish for a Labour administration and the respect due for keeping their word to vote for Jenny if they'd spoken to me but Rob had already decided to back Labour at that point and they didn't. Because of that Rob is damaged goods and confirmed as Labour's little lickspittle but there is hope for the Greens if they get behind Melanie who is so far untainted at this point by his duplicity. The problem is that so far all Rob has allowed her to say in public is "abstain".

She will discover that the council is nothing like what Rob has told her. I hope she finds her voice soon or the Park Ward Residents Association will have sweet FA to go to the voters with next May if she leaves it down to Rob to win concessions.

If anyone is wondering what the contents of the Green Party Bag were, it was:
  • 20 pieces of silver (the Green's treachery costs less than Judas Iscariot and these are challenging times for the budget)
  • A Gordon Brown Face Mask
  • A Backstabber
And a red rose each for them to wear when they think no-one is looking.

Apart from the lessons about individuals, the battle over the Mayor is over. Debbie Edwards is Mayor albeit under distasteful circumstances but that's not her problem. That's politics. I wish her success in the role and a good year ahead.

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