Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Getting Nasty

The local Labour Party are clearly getting desperate. I've heard stories about them dog-whistling during this election campaign but yesterday I found out first hand it was no rumour and that they really are that despicable.

I managed to get the identity of the group responsible and they are clearly linked to the local Labour party, indeed two of their councillors (including one of their candidates) are former leading members. I am continuing my investigation but no matter how low you think they've sunk in the past, this is up there with the worst in a national context. Time and time again we see that Labour don't mind exploiting prejudice as long as it gets them votes.

In related news, RCRE "election" meeting on Saturday showed that organisation's unique approach to fighting for equality and campaigning against all forms of discrimination... by holding it in a room with no disabled access!

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