Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In Two Minds Over Schizophrenia

I have to laugh at the sheer naked bravardo on display here in this comment on getReading:

getReading: Beer and Cider Festival Extended 13th April 2011

However, I don't like cowards who hide behind pseudonyms to abuse forums like this by knocking anything positive or just hurling abuse at people. As someone pointed out, it's the curse of the Internet.

Who is Daniel Bowen?

I'm indebted to another commenter on getReading for raising my suspicions after I noticed his increasing and obvious personal attacks on me. As it happens I did know a "Daniel" or at least a likely suspect with it as a middle name. Searching for Bowen came up with it being the name of a rather famous Welsh tartan.

However, just to be sure I did a little more background checking and lo and behold:
from ancestry.co.uk

Very amateurish. The main trick when using a sock puppet is not to get outed or all your comments may come back to haunt you.

In December 2008, Daniel, er I mean Gareth asked me to write an internet strategy. He didn't like it. Perhaps it was this recommendation that he had a problem with:

DO NOT post using an email address made up on the spot just to comment. Comment under your own name, on your own blog or don't comment at all. Thinking that you can keep it a secret is naive beyond belief.

Now, what was it that Daniel was saying about hurling personal abuse at people? Must check those back posts on getReading!

UPDATE: In the interests of fairness, Gareth Epps has got in contact and denies that he is posting as Daniel Bowen.

I am happy to accept given this public denial, that on the balance of probabilities*, it is a complete and utter coincidence that out of all the possible first names and surnames that can be selected at random to generate an alias that someone posting critical comments about me chose to use his middle name and his mother's maiden name.

* There are approximately 25,000 surnames in the UK and 4,500 first names. This makes the balance of probablilities 112,500,000 to 1


Jonathan said...

In the interests of being fair and balanced, maybe it isn't random. Maybe an enemy is trying to smear him.

Was said...

I agree. It is the most plausible explanation I've heard so far.

I might ask getReading to provide me with their server log files so that I can trace the IP address and discover who is trying to smear his good name.