Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Price of Honour

As the squalid manoeuvering over the forming of a Labour administration becomes public the exact price of Gul Khan's treachery towards his loyal Deputy Mayor is becoming clear. Members of public heard Gul Khan's comments at the Katesgrove May Fair when he said that he was an honourable and non-partisan Mayor who was determined to keep politics out of the position. So what could be the price that pursuaded him to sell his honour?

The public needs the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth. It's not 20 pieces of silver but £2,400 - the price of a new set of teeth, sorry Deputy Mayor's allowance. Yes, I've heard that Gul Khan is planning to have several thousand pounds worth of work done to his teeth. That surprise allowance jackpot will come in handy to pay those dentists bills so I hope residents will remember the reason why he will be grinning quite so widely in the coming months - his new treacherous grin.

Then we have Rob White whose blog is now actionable under the Trades Description Act. "Fairness, integrity and the environment".

Integrity my arse! There is documented evidence of him giving his word that he would vote for Jenny Rynn as Mayor and a voicemail recording of him saying that he's changed his mind.

In addition Andrew Cumpsty said on BBC Berkshire: "Rob White has personally said to me that he would be voting for the current Deputy Mayor Jenny Rynn."

Rob White's sudden volte-face to allow the election of  a Labour Mayor shows exactly how much integrity he has got. Absolutely none. He has shown himself to be as two-faced as the Labour party he has climbed into bed with.

His statements on radio also make him out to be economical with the actualité.

Rob White: "We have been talking to all the different sides. None of the talks have been totally satisfactory."

All the different sides? Pull the other one.

In the interests of transparency Rob should publish a full account of all the conversations and meetings he had with "all the different sides", after all he's published a record of his talks with Labour. No doubt he also has a detailed record of his talks with the other parties and what he felt was unsatisfactory.

I doubt we'd see anything of the sort because he didn't talk policy and spent two weeks coming up with excuses not to have meetings. The fact is that the Greens only spoke to Labour in any detail so any attempt to portray a willingness to listen to all parties is as bogus as their claims on integrity. I wonder if he bothered telling his local party about all the promises he was making on their behalf?

It takes more than a slogan on a web site to bestow integrity on an individual. Actions speak louder than words and Rob White has shown himself to be duplicitous and untrustworthy. Labour are welcome to their partnership with them.

We also are finding out the full extent of Labour's complete disregard for the residents who elected them.

Jan Gavin has now put out a begging plea for "Street champions" to send her reports of things they want her to take action on. What's up, the journey from Norcot too bothersome? She is being paid £8,385 a year to find out what her residents problems are, maybe she should start earning it instead of begging them to do it for her. Nice money for nothing if you can get it.

And Matt Rhodda obviously also finds the long round trip from Caversham too tiring. Pre-election he made cameo appearances at a few local meetings. Post election, it's Matt Who? He couldn't even be bothered sending apologies to the Katesgrove Residents Association meeting let alone attend. See you next April then.

Labour's treachery is fully documented and well known about. The Greens have now stooped to their level and exposed their claims of integrity as shrill and hollow. They are no different from those they criticise so it's about time they stopped their charade.

The word of a Green has now been proved to be worthless. It didn't take long.

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