Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Has Alok been reading my blog?

I've still not seen a copy of the report despite being present at the meeting that called for it and publicly calling for it to be published. I can only conclude that it's being deliberately kept from me. Is there something to hide?

I've got more questions that Alok could have asked:

1) Was Labour using the Section 106 money to pay for non-capital projects and/or for projects not covered by their legal agreements.

2) A 2009 report identified 2 critical areas for immediate management action. What did Labour do to address it?

3) Who was controlling where the Section 106 money was being spent? The lead councillor for Planning and Transport? Or did it just go in Labour's magic pixie pot?

4) Why was no-one able to provide members with a straight answer as to what was going on? Parks was all over the place. Who knows what happened with Education money... they even didn't keep a record.

5) Was Section 106 money spent on the Multi-Games Area without a proper legal justification for doing so?

6) Was the council using Section 106 monies to fund maintenance to gas mains and repairs to the Hexagon roof and boiler. Hardly a leisure "gain" for the developers.

7) Why were "Decision Book” and Cabinet decisions apparently not consistent with how the monies were spent. If Labour were telling the opposition one thing about how money was being spent and it wasn't, this raises serious questions about political oversight and accountability of the previous administration and whether there was a deliberate attemnpt to mislead.

From the press release put out it would appear that the council are sitting on the report until officers know who is going to be running the administration. Expect it to be buried if Labour take over.

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