Monday, 23 May 2011

Splinters in their Bum.

The Green's press release is probably more revealing than they intended.

They said from day one that they wouldn't join in a coalition so that is not news but if they wanted to give the impression that they were genuinely sitting on the fence they wouldn't have used the language of Labour (Con-Dem) to describe people they are trying to give the public the impression they had been genuinely holding open and honest talks with.

I say give the impression because any similarity to open and honest talks with the Greens is complete bollocks. They've not spoken to anyone other than Labour about forming an administration. They've been trying to work out for the last two weeks how they could present their wholehearted support for Labour as a neutral act. With this press release we see it unravelling.

Far from withholding support from both sides, they have explicitly stated that they could not support a Lib Dem and Conservative coalition and the only conclusion is that they fully support a minority Labour administration. Their language could have been written by Labour... and probably was.

But it gets worse. The word of a Green isn't worth the recycled paper it is written on. Why? Because just after the election Rob White said that he would be supporting Jenny Rynn as mayor. This is not a 'would think about it'... there is a record of him making that pledge, something he apparently didn't bother telling the rest of the Green Party about.

So what did they sell their soul for? From what I've seen they had exactly the same sort of promises I said the Lib Dems received in 2008. Nothing in writing, just a series of platitudes. If they had anything concrete they would have published them so that they could hold Labour to account for non-delivery.

Now every Labour cut, every closure, every penny of increase in council tax is their fault just as much as if they had voted for it. A person who sees bad things being done and stands by and refuses to stop it from happening is as responsible as the person doing the harm. It's s shit-sandwich having to make tough decisions and not something that anyone would want to do given the choice but if you are elected to stand up for your residents you need to do more than hold your hands over your eyes and ears. The Greens have proved themselves incapable of stepping up to government when they had the chance.

The Greens will find that if you sit on the fence for too long you get splinters in your bum. I'll bring some germolene to the Annual Meeting for them.

But there will be one legacy that won't be forgotten. Gul Khan - the man whose year as Mayor ended in shame. Forget all that honourable man stuff he likes to project, if he votes against Jenny Rynn it will be the Right Dishonourable Mayor of Reading and a disgrace on his year when he was offered every courtesy his position demanded.

If he doesn't do the honourable thing in Wednesday and vote for Jenny, I hope my fellow councillors disgusted by his tarnishing of the position of Mayor will boycott the Mayor's reception.


Jane Griffiths said...

if Gul votes for Jenny he will be personally attacked, briefed against and his family threatened. He knows this.

Randall said...

Re: Because just after the election Rob White said that he would be supporting Jenny Rynn as mayor. This is not a 'would think about it'... there is a record of him making that pledge,

Can you point me in the direction of this. been looking for a refernce on t'web but cannot find one. Thanks