Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Squeaky Bum Time

Just a few hours left for Gul Khan to show that he is a man of honour after all and won't be cow-towed by his spiteful colleagues.

And only a few hours for Rob White to retrieve his tattered reputation and restore integrity to his name by voting for Jenny Rynn as he promised he would do.

I feel sorry for Melanie, who from her silence has been kept in the dark about what has really been going on.

I've explained why a Conservative Mayor makes no difference to the Greens. Let's just hope they show some of the backbone that was distinctly lacking in their negotiations with Labour.

I've heard that Rob White made a request to not be seated next to me during the annual meeting. I hope he gets his wish.

There's already been one famous green whose mouth has been operated and words spoken by someone else. Let's see if Rob White doesn't wish to be remembered as Orville the Duck 2.

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