Monday, 20 June 2011

Every Little Helps

Now I have no problem with the application for the Tesco distribution centre on the old Courage brewery site. I have every intention of judging it on its merits and ensuring that it is a fair process in accordance with planning regulations and laws.

However, you have to wonder about new Whitley councillor Kelly Edwards involvement in the process. Tesco tell us that they have engaged the services of Green Issues Communiqué to be the PR consultants for the process and to that effect residents and councillors have been sent a letter detailing a couple of PR events being run by that company.

Now I knew that Ms Edwards worked for them and I asssumed that she was "hands off" but I'm staggered to find that she is actually the lead manager for the Tesco account at Green Issues Comminiqué.

It makes me wonder why, as an Abbey resident and former Redlands candidate, did she switch from a seat that Labour always told us they were going to walk to stand as the Labour candidate for Whitley. Was it to represent her consituents or her client?

It'll probably be blamed on the Council but I note that she hasn't published her declaration of interests yet.

From the Green Issues Communiqué web site:

Team – Kelly Edwards, Executive Director

Kelly Edwards has worked at Green Issues for seven years and is Executive Director in charge of operations. Kelly is based in Reading and is the lead manager of two of the company’s key accounts in retail and house building: Tesco and Bellway. She also has particular experience in renewable projects.

Kelly is a councillor for Reading Borough Council and was a General Election prospective parliamentary candidate in 2005 for the Labour Party in Hertsmere, gaining over 11,500 votes. Before joining Green Issues, she spent six years working at the House of Commons as a Press Officer to an MP and as a Senior Parliamentary Researcher and assistant to a several ministers. This experience, combined with her former role as a council LEA school governor, means that Kelly has a thorough knowledge of both national and local authority politics.

Update: I was reminded this morning (25/06/11) by a resident that Green Issues were the company responsible for the PR for the Lok 'n' Store development

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Randall said...

Fascinating. Well done for digging this up. Notice that her declaration of interests, dated 24th May 11 now mentions the brewery project, but that she is 'not employed on the project'. So that's alright then.