Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I Like It When a Plan Comes Together.

It's good to see Paul Gittings so thoroughly approving of my scheme to generate income for the council and protect regulatory posts. It's a shame therefore that such enthusiasm is spoilt by his voting against them in the budget.

JD Wetherspoons, AB Walker, Greene King PLC and Majestic Wine are now signed up to take advice from RBC which will save them money and generate income from the council and more importantly will protect staff positions and services.

It is recognition that Reading provides first class services of a national quality in these areas and I'd like to thank the officers in this area for their hard work (you know who you are) and Michael Coughlin for his whole hearted and full support for my initiative to bring this to fruition.

Let's make one thing clear though. The money that this raised was going to be ring-fenced to protect this important area of work for the council and to sustain jobs and services to local residents. If Labour start dipping their hands into this pot and use it as general income stream to pay for their incompetence elsewhere then they will deserve contempt.

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