Thursday, 23 June 2011


I had to laugh at the "Volunteers keeping it clean" press release from Matt Rodda in the Post. Actually giggle would be more accurate!

It was a press release worthy of the old USSR. Whilst it was nice of him to pop over from Caversham, he miraculously managed to leave out the fact that all three ward councillors were there and that apart from myself and the Lib Dem candidate from the May elections there only appeared to be one other Katesgrove resident there.

NAGs are also meant to be politically neutral and residents know that when I was secretary I bent over backwards to preserve that separation so it remains to be seen how local residents will view Matt's efforts to politicise the Katesgrove NAG like his Labour colleagues have done with the Redlands NAG.

Still, I can't blame him for trying.

A more interesting line of enquiry at the moment for me is whether I can get to the bottom of what appears in the face of it to be a complete and flagarent breach of the Data Protection Act by one of the Labour lead councillors that could result in a fine for RBC if it is as it has been reported to me.

Ignorance is no protection from the law!


Duncan Bruce said...

That post is inaccurate as normal, what you and your LibDem buddies did not realise was that there was more than one team. Perhaps if you, Rebecca and Margaret stay for longer than 30 minutes you could have visited the rest of the teams.

Was said...

Poor old Dunky never one to let his bile get in the way of reality.

I know there was more than one team. It was I who suggested that it was more efficient to split up and tackle different areas. If you think myself and Margaret were there for only 30 minutes you are spouting shit.

I was there at the beginning and at the end of the clean up so so unless there was a guerilla team of Caversham residents sneaking in and sneaking out without leaving a trace or indeed any bags of collected waste perhaps you should keep off the interweb before opening your gob.


You're priceless Was.

Was said...

Someone on the council has to not have a price ;0)