Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Redundant Labour

One of the attacks that Labour used on the coalition at the last election aided and abetted by their local donors, was the number of redundancies they were claiming were being made.

Their literature referred to 300 job loses and a decimation of council staff. It was of course all designed to panic staff and cause as much fear as possible. They deliberately left out the fact that 150 of the 300 "jobs" were posts that had remained unfilled for a year and the Performance Improvement Programme (PIP) which they started and presumably supported was going to account for the majority of post reductions. 

Well, I now have the actual figures for last year. There were 49 redundancies above the figure due to their own PIP programme.

Yes, 49 in a council employing nearly 2,500 people (excluding Education). Only half of that number were not agreed by staff which means that in the first year ever that the council had frozen council tax and saved £18m, the evil coalition (© Reading Labour) had only six more non-agreed redundancies than Labour had done the year before and Labour had done that whilst the unions looked on approvingly and completely failed to get Labour to implement equal pay for the Council's lowest paid staff.

I wasn't happy having to make a single redundancy. I agonised over every single post made redundant in my area. It was not something I wanted to do but it was forced on me by the perilous state of the finances when I took over the environment portfolio.

However, the total rank hypocrisy of the Labour group is revealed when we see that in 2007 they made 25 people redundant. In 2008 11. In 2009 30.

Let's see how many the "worker's" party sack this year. They have a track record of doing so which their union masters are happy to turn a blind eye to.

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The other Warren said...

Is it true that only 25 per cent of council workers are actually in a union?