Thursday, 9 June 2011

University Challenged

I've got a meeting about the end of term collections tomorrow so I'll not delve too far into this now but a few things need to be stated before the Labour lie detector spins out of control.

Jan Gavin has put out a statement that the loss of collections is due to budget cuts in Streetcare by the coalition. She lies

There was nothing in the coalition budget saving papers that require this saving to be made. There were no redundancies in the bin collections team as a result of budget savings. Go on, look in the gold book. There's nothing about stopping these collections as a budget saving option. I'll go further, it wasn't even in the full set including rejected budget options. There probably a reason to make it now that Labour are losing £26,000 per month of income in the Streetcare budget, but if there is a reason now that is totally Labour's fault. You see, Jan, is directly responsible for this cut to an important service that her residents rely on each year to keep their streets clean.

Keith Jerome is abusing the Redlands NAG for political purposes again by emailing residents referring to the NAG meeting which he chairs urging them not to sign a petition to reinstate these collections accusing them of being "con-dem" cuts. He Lies

There were no redundancies in the budget for refuse teams and the weekly collection proposal adopted by the Lib Dem and Conservative administration actually required extra capacity which was budgeted for and could have been used for these collections. If a cut has been made it was not as a result of the previous administration.

And if they were, as he says, "Con-Dem" cuts he wouldn't any problem with reinstating them would he? Except they're not. They are cuts by the new Labour administration, end of story.

Sarah Hacker claims that the decision was made by Streetcare, not Labour. She Lies

Er, who is in charge of this council? You are. Get with the programme. Labour run Streetcare. A Streetcare cut is a Labour cut. You are responsible for this one Councillor Hacker. A pathetic attempt to pass the buck.

Labour members wriggle and squirm, spam the #rdg tag and peddle the big lie that the nasty coalition made us do it, but we didn't. We left the council with the capacity and the budget to do the university collections. It was not even an option discussed and rejected.

What is happening is that their uncosted promises and never ending reviews are costing hundreds of thousands of pounds in unbudgeted expenditure across the council every month as they fail to introduce changes that were made to protect services such as this and this failure to realise income is starting to hurt residents as they have to slash services which we protected.

This is one guarantee I can make, a Lib Dem in the administration would not have made this cut. It is completely unnecessary.

The reason they squeal so loudly is that Labour don't like it when they are caught red-handed. They don't like it up 'em you see.


Nowtas said...

Even if the coalition had been to blame, why should Labour actively discourage people from protesting the matter if they don't support the service drop themselves? Poor dears. Coming unstuck in no time.

I love the Sarah Hacker twitter account. An awful lot of missing the point in there, not just over the last couple of days (but what can the council be expected to do about affecting council services? WAH! WAH! WAH!). Mainly, I love it for the occasional praise for her daddy that drops in. How sweet.

And pity poor Jan, the slightly unsettling figure drifting from one end of Reading to the other whenever she remembers to. She has been given deputy status to the one role she would suit, looks like the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and is seemingly always photographed with a pearl necklace. If she wasn't behaving creepily oustide of her role, she would be hilarious. But no - just terrifying.

Was said...

The Chronicle headline to the story is a lie but recently its never been a paper to let the facts get in the way of a poor story.

Alex and Maxwell's standards of journalism are obviously at the gutter level. They have not a shred of truth to back up their headline.

This was not a Lib Dem budget cut and I told them that in no uncertain terms before they published their crap and they did anyway.