Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Another Fine Mess

There was an interesting letter in last week's Post all about Labour's rusty sword of truth which contained a bending of the aforementioned substance worthy of Stalin. It was also illuminating in that it shows how twisting facts beyond all recognition is a campaign tool so ingrained in the local Labour party that they wouldn't know the truth if it sat up and bit them on the backside.

At Monday's cabinet, Daisy Benson drew attention to a massive hike in bus lane fine revenue which Labour are banking on to get them out of their economic black hole. You have to remember that this is the same Labour party that called introducing kerb parking fines in problem streets a "tax on motorists." They continue with their false allegations about "no consultation" when what actually happened is that they failed to fulfil their constitutional duty towards their constituents (for which they get paid allowances) and refused to co-operate with any consultation.

So what are the 'sticking up for the motorist' party doing? Can we judge them by their actions? Well the kerb parking "tax" would have raised £25,000 and now Labour are planning to charge motorists more than 20 times that amount. They have proposed a massive INCREASE of £575,000 to take this year's budgeted bus lane fine revenue to £1,395,000. It is nothing less than highway robbery.

Of course, Brother John Ennis couldn't help issuing a barefaced lie during Cabinet by claiming that Lib Dems were in favour of people driving in bus lanes. Balderdash!.

Each fine issued is a failure to keep the lanes clear. It is not an indicator of success.

Bus Lane Fines Issued by RBC
Before the current Labour administration there were roughly 3,000 fines issued per month. That's 3,000 too many but it's been remarkably consistent over the last few years. Now there are nearer 12,000! Labour has presided over a 300% increase in people driving in bus lanes since they took over in May and what we actually asked was what were they planning to do to reduce the amount of fines issued to get cars out of the bus lanes.

Their reaction was far from wanting to do something about it, but to resort to calling people "stupid" and how they were happy to take their money. We already know that's how they view the electorate because their previous leader called the public "morons"!

If bus lane fines are there to deter people from using bus lanes then it isn't working. The council should be alarmed by these figures and be doing everything they can to reduce them not rolling around in the revenue. They may have the bare minimum legally required signs up but let's face it, we know that they aren't interested in reducing the number of people using bus lanes because they actually need to encourage it to raise revenue.

In fact, there is another name for Labour's scheme. It is called congestion charging. Access for cash.

Their message is: if you have enough money then please feel free to use the bus lanes. The council wants you to because we need your money. What Labour have done in effect is to turn the centre of town into a congestion charge zone where the rich can afford to drive and you can even pay a reduced fee by paying up pronto.

Tony Page's comments are revealing in that they show that he doesn't give a monkey's about drivers using bus lanes, he is that desperate for their money and that's because his actions have lost £225,000 from the budget and he needs to make up that loss and we know that Labour has always hated motorists... One Way IDR anyone?

Remember that when Labour put in more bus lanes. I know as a fact from my time as a director of Reading Buses that some of the bus gates and lanes around town were not asked for by the bus company and were put in by the Council's Highways department. Expect more when they need to raise more cash.

Yet what is even more astonishing is that Labour are building a budget based on criminal behaviour. Now that really is broken Britain!

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I have always held the belief that it is the role of the Council to make life as pleasant as possible for me – a belief that I would expect (and hope) is shared by my co-residents in wheelchairs, those that are old, young, infirmed, drug using, married, gay, single, black, white and olive.

I fully appreciate that a Council can at best do what is best for the majority as opposed to every individual.

The ‘motorist, and I can only assume this group represents a cross section of all of the above is and always has been persecuted by Reading Borough Council which has now turned into a revenue source to the point of being a budgeted target.

RBC is demonstrating that it is not their perceived role to make life as pleasant as possible for me, my co-residents in wheelchairs, those that are old, young, infirmed, drug using, married, single, black, white and olive.