Friday, 13 January 2012

Maid Redundant

An interesting slip by Jo Lovelock at last night's Personnel Committee. She said that one of the justifications for the removal of the Chief Executive position was because there was going to be a significantly smaller number of council staff.

A significantly smaller council? The council has around 2,500 employees outside education. Given that Labour have been responsible over the years for significant reductions in the number of council employees with the connivance of the unions, this has to be bad news. I wonder exactly when they are planning to tell staff about their impending hatchet job?

The difficulty facing the council is not, as Labour are trying to hide behind, the cuts to grants from central government but a dismal failure to tackle council spending increasing by greater than 16% per annum. Expect a significant increase in debt to finance their inability to stop spending.

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Oranjepan said...

have you contacted the editor and publisher of the Reading Chronicle to explain how they've been duped?

The reputational damage of reporting factual inaccuracies must be huge where done consistently - and felt in sales.

Equally there are consequences of lying in public for the civic and public life of the community represented, so maybe you could remind them of their responsibilities.

I'd be interested to hear their response.

If they know what they've done I'd like to hear them admit it. If not, I'd like to hear them say what they will do about it.

It may also provoke an interesting response to mention the Leveson Inquiry into media ethics and the demise of the NOTW...