Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cold Tuna Call

Now that was a wierd call. number withheld but obviously from a call centre.
"Hello, I'm from the Industrial Workers Organisation. I have information that a member of your household has worked in industry before."
"No. I'm a web developer."
"What's that?"
"Someone who develops web sites."
"Is there anyone else in your house who may have worked in industry."
"Only my cat"
"What industry was that?"
"Tuna eating."
"How many tins of tuna does she get through a day?"
"About two"
"And how old is your cat?"
"And what is her name?"
"Well, could you wish Matilda a very good day and thank her."
"I will. Goodbye"



You'll be hit by the 'Dreamies' scam very shortly - the caller was grooming you.

Was said...

I think the caller was grooming Matilda!