Monday, 5 March 2012

Dirty Underwear

The murky world of local politics is something that most people are fortunate in avoiding but tremendous fun for those who like to keep their ear to the ground and a long running saga seems to have developed a life of its own despite attempts by their national party to suppress things.

It's seems it no longer good enough to want to serve the community. A williness to shaft members of one's own party to consolidate a power base is an absolute prerequisite nowadays so news that internal shenanigans continue after an HQ investigation comes as no surprise.

We all know about the investigation because it was revealed in the local press. However, the rules of not washing their dirty linen in public meant that a whitewash was expected and the offical report didn't disappoint.

Except, in the light of at least one resignation from a local party position, something is clearly not all what it seems. After all, the public report had the two warring factions kissing and making up and promising to work together for a shared vision. So why need for a resignation?

That seems to have a lot to do with a second unpublished internal report which was highly critical of certain people. Those people didn't like the second report and took umbrage. Cue flounce out. I hear that the evidence of one senior local politico was deemed to be "unreliable" and discounted.

As we get closer to the local elections, attempts to draw a line under things seem to have failed. News of further ongoing problems look set to have a significant influence on the results.

For example, I've heard that some individuals have been accused of leaking information to members of another party. What's funny is that some of the names bandied about as the miscreant are so wide of the mark that it makes satirising it pointless. Both factions have accused each other of blabbing and both the accusations were untrue!

Further, it would seem that some members were "encouraged" to make up accusations of discrimination which is likely to blow up in their faces.

Matters have taken a turn for the worse after that accusation of discrimination was apparently reported to the police. Not a good idea. Once the police are involved, the Crown Prosecution Service takes a dim view of wasting police time.

Will we see an escalation this side to the election? Will we get collateral damage to senior national party names. Oh, I hope so!

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