Thursday, 26 April 2012


Keen followers of Reading politics would have been listening to the election debate on The Andrew Peach Show so the majority of those who aren't keen followers of Reading politics may have missed this...

"As a cyclist myself. I cycled here this morning..." Rob White, The Andrew Peach Show 23/04/2012

Or maybe not!

Perhaps it was a completely different Rob White to the one who left his bike at the bottom of Peppard Hill and got a lift back from the studio to it in Jo Lovelock's car.

Ah, the price of the Lab/Green pact. Rob needs to learn the biggest lesson in politics is not to get caught!

Sounds suspiciously like reports from Park residents who mentioned a rather odd occurance in 2010 where Green deliverers got out of a car picked up some cycle helmets and then went round the corner to start delivering leaflets.

Don't mention the car!

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