Saturday, 7 April 2012

A New All Time Low

I'm amused by Labour denying their "One of us" leaflet is overt racism. I won't repeat it here because it has been well covered elsewhere. But their faux horreur is quite laughable.

Labour doth protest too much. The old walks like a duck, quacks like a duck axiom comes into play.

Labour's problem is that they have form when it comes to dog whistling. You see, last year their supporters spread slurs designed to damage Lib Dem candidates which were homophobic and prejudiced in the extreme and, although as you will see not confined to, they concentrated on spreading it the Asian community where they thought it would have the greatest effect.

How do I know? One of their supporters asked me whether what he had been told was true. I thought it was an isolated incident until I spoke to one of the Lib Dem candidates. This is his blog entry describing what happened to him:

1.  Someone knocked on the door of a person I know and whilst talking, they were asked if they realised that the Lib Dem Candidate was gay.  The person refuses to tell me which party knocked on their door.
 2.  Whilst delivering in Whitley, a resident informed me that she had something through the door and ‘knew all about me’ and showed me a limp wrist.  Rather meekly and embarrassed, I just turned away.
 3.  On two separate occasions, I have caught a taxi home and been told that the Lib Dem Candidate was gay.  On both occasions I found myself being unable to pass comment.
 4.  There were also comments made about me on the Get Reading website which gave web links to one of my Drag websites.  The interesting fact is that the URL used was one that pointed from my personal facebook page which also has privacy settings.  Needless to say, I removed all political
contacts from my friends to prevent further leakage.

In my case, I responded to their supporter by refusing to discuss it but I told him that making slurs like that against candidates was illegal and asked who was spreading these things... "Oh, all the taxi drivers are telling people."

So we are asked by Labour to believe that it is a complete co-incidence that two independent sources cited the taxi drivers as spreading homophobic comments about candidates. It was clearly a widespread tactic and only one party was set to benefit. Labour's links to the taxi association are well documented.

I remember last year saying that it was the most disgusting thing I'd come across in politics. Maybe I was too hasty. Reading Labour always seem to have the capacity to exceed expectations and plumb the depths.

I also have a question that needs to be answered by one of their candidates. However, I will wait until after the election before demanding an answer because I expect them to win their ward and it would so much more fun if we had a resignation before the annual meeting of the council.

The very best that Labour can hope to get away with is it being common knowledge that they turn a willing blind eye to the conduct of their supporters. Already I know of one case of untrue comments being made on the doorstep about a Lib Dem candidate. Dog whistling is their mode of operation. I just didn't think they'd be arrogant or stupid enough to actually put it on a leaflet.

I hope the Labour agent on the Church leaflet wasn't poor old Dun-Quay. I don't think he'll last long in prison.

[Yes, I've edited this. Don't blog when incensed!]

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