Wednesday, 11 April 2012

One of... Who Exactly?

Tonty Jines is one of the two Labour candidates claiming on Labour's dog whistling leaflet to be "one of us".

But ignoring that particularly dubious aspect of Labour's local election campaign, it made me wonder just how much the self-proclaimed man of the people can justify that claim. As the South East Regional Manager for Unison, just how much does he feel the pain of the working class?

I have no idea what his actual salary is or his domestic arrangements and nor do I claim to know but these are publically available figures for similar job roles at Unison.

The advertised salary for a Unison regional manager, £49,151[1]
Annual Subsistance Allowance, £2,429[2]
Company Car Benefit, £3,360[3]

I don't know if being Regional Head of Local Government for the South East of England carries additional salary or whether it counts as being part of the job. However, the methodolgy used for arriving at a ball-park figure is not unfair or unreasonable. It gives a notional salary of £55k which is more than twice the national average earning figure.

Perhaps the "one of us" he uses refers to the poor oppressed paying the 40% tax rate. It would explain a lot.

[1] Regional Manager Wales
[2] Figure quoted is for a junior role because there is no amount given in Regional Manager job specs.
[3] £14,000 list price

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