Sunday, 13 May 2012

Vote Early Vote Often

So what was getting the politically active all wound up this weekend? Yes, that a dog won Britain's Got Talent.

Ashleigh and Pudsey's win has animated the Internet with cries of woe from politicos from the amateur to the professional. "It's the end of democracy" is the cry as across the country smug political tweeters contrasted the dismal local election poll turn out with the public vote for a throw away ITV programme, as if they were individually the only ones who were capable of identifying the correlation.

What would the politicoistas want Britain to have concerned themselves with?
  • A few hundred protesters trying a Top Gear style camping holiday in the City of London.
  • Getting over excited about their Internet messages being kept.
  • The deleterious impact of religion on society and sniggering at God being dog spelled backwards (a specious point as everyone knows the Supreme Being is called Tac).
  • The demise of the real ale pub (up yours lager drinkers)
  • Stopping 800 people wandering around Westminster with a dead stoat wrapped around them.
  • Calling for <insert name of politician here> to resign, accompanied with harrumphing and mock outrage (although if everyone resigned when Ed Miliband demanded it rather than waiting for evidence, the country would be being run right now by Ashleigh and Pudsey as there'd be no-one left).
Some of these I actually do think are serious issues and I have spent my time campaigning on but here's the real lesson to politicians at any level - THE PUBLIC DOESN'T GIVE A RAT'S ARSE!

Whilst wannabe politicians continue to ride their own personal hobby horses then don't expect to engage with the electorate. THEY DON'T CARE. Do it in your spare time as a hobby and get out there and talk to people, not your ego reinforcing chums, about what really matters to them... like jobs, their children's education, whether their bins are collected on time.

What this weekend has shown is that the British public LIKES voting. It is up to anyone serious about serving the public to give them a reason to.

If you don't. it is not the fault of the public if they prefer to vote for a dog. IT'S YOURS!