Monday, 23 July 2012

Open Mouth. Insert Feet.

Originally I was disappointed when John Hartley found himself in the 5 items or fewer lane in Waitrose and unceremoniously dumped from the Cabinet but in retrospect Jan Gavin is the gift that just keeps on giving and far more entertaining to scurrilous persons like myself.

The lead councillor for U-turns just can't help putting her foot in it and she has managed to do it once again in spectacular fashion over the University and Hospital Area study.

Jan's unhealthy obsession with fellow councillor Daisy Benson is well documented and now the town's most grammatically challenged lead councillor (and that takes some beating with John Ennis in post) has put on her most school-marmy tone in admonishing her fellow councillor by calling her a "naughty girl".

Denigrating female politicians is a modus-operandii for someone who attacked Daisy for being a bit "blonde" but what was @cllrdaisybenson's error this time? Why repeating what officers had told her that the painting of parking bays would result in a reduction of spaces in a given street. How do I know they said this? Because I was in the meeting when they did!

In fact, Zelda has a habit of attacking people on Twitter. Anyone who dares criticise her omnipotence gets the hairdryer treatment... and the local residents don't like it much. Labour are discovering that she is a liability and exposed their complete dearth of talent.

As well as being dyslexic, Jan is also dyscalculic. One tweet from her suggested that 50% of residents were in favour of a residents parking zone and that Daisy would have been aware of it if "only" she spoke to residents. Well, the actual facts are that 89% of residents didn't respond which means that only 5% were in favour of a residents parking zone... 61% under the number that I was told that Highways would accept before even considering one. Residents should be thankful. Labour have acted before on less than 5% backing.

I guess Cllr Benson was unlucky in speaking to the other 95% of residents. How unlucky can you get. Perhaps in truth it's Jan who needs to get out more ;-)

But it looks like Cabinet will be entertaining this year. Tony Page would literally roll his eyes in meetings when ever Zelda came out with another of her focus group ideas. He's not a big fan.

I'm looking forward to more this year from the gaffe prone lead councillor, not content with blabbing out Labour's hidden agenda. She really can't help sticking both feet in her mouth at the same time.

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