Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Time Warp

Watching TOTP 1977 was a strange reminder that it was only 6 months until the release of 'Killing An Arab'.

If you want to blame anyone for the way I turned out, it's all the fault of The Stranglers and The Goodies!

I believe this was the Barron Knights... pure genius :-D

Is this your real wife?
She's very fat you see
Look at her corsets
'Cos they're filled to capacity

Mama, you could kill a man
If you sat upon his head
He would very soon be dead

Mama, you're so overweight
And when you walk
You leave it all behind

I see you stuffing cream cakes and jam
In your mush, in your mush
Oh, where did that meringue go?
Marzipan and icing
Stuff it down like lightning

On a scale (like a whale)
On a scale (like a whale)

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