Monday, 20 August 2012

WasWasEre’s Reading Festival Guide.

This post has proved more popular than I expected so I have moved it to its own page.

My Reading Festival guide is now off blog away from my dubious rants which most of you won't be interested in ;-)

I'll add a record of any updates I make to the guide in this post.

  • Details of Reading Post pull-out [210812 12:10]
  • Added Earley station travel hint [210812 13:54]
  • Added banned items list [220812 0939]
  • Added Friday stage times [230812 1858]
  • Added Saturday stage times [240812 11:00]


Anonymous said...

I've lived in Reading all my life, and have been to the festival a few times starting in 1989 (a year after I got into the Cure), and the most recent in 2004 (I think).

I can endorse everything said here - a great guide.

What I didn't know is that Disintegration was recorded near Reading! Where was that?

I also have a bootleg of The Cure's 1979 set at was was then called Reading Rock - may have to upload it to YouTube or something in honour of this year!


Was said...

Disintegration was recorded at Hook End Studios

Anonymous said...

Literally down the road..

All these years and I never knew they were five miles away recording one of my favourite albums at the very time I was discovering them!

Cheers Was...

davidaftertherain said...

Hello Was and thx for the information. In case you'd be in London, don't miss the Cure fan meet up in Camden on the 23rd. Cheers, mate.

David Fargier (aka davidaftertherain)

Anonymous said...

As promised, Cure at Reading Rock 1979:

Was said...

Nice one. Does @CraigatCOF know about it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, tweeted him. It's a horrible audience recording, but the only one made according to

From the audio I can just imagine someone sitting there with a 70s style tape recorder :)