Thursday, 28 March 2013

Progressively Stupid

Now this blog is back [for the moment at any rate!] to plain old ranting, time to get something off my chest!

I guess regular followers won't need any hint of just how much I hate The Guardian and its condescending army of higher rate tax payers who know better than everyone else what is good for them.

Sure the right wing press are terrible, but given that Lib Dem voters read the Daily Mail more than any other paper, it goes without saying that most readers of the right wing press understand that a large bucket of salt is required and view them as exercises in provocative humour rather than as newspapers.

This doesn't seem to apply to The Guardian, a paper, and also whose readers, take themselves so seriously as the 'champion of the poor'.

Yes, there's nothing that the poor like more than having people with second homes in Tuscany, union leaders with £133,000 a year salaries and brats who went through University living off their parents whilst substituting student politics for real life lecturing everyone on what's best for us.

Growing up on a council estate on income support and now trying to dig myself out of debt after 3 years unemployment I think gives me a little more understanding of the subject than people who think that Nigel Slater's trout fishcakes really does help the poor with some tasty food ideas to make with their left overs.

Anyway, this week Teh Grauniad has outdone itself in contradictory whining.

First we had the bleeding heart progressives lecturing us that a change to Universal Credit's monthly payments, where the rent element is paid direct to the claimant will result in arrears, evictions and downright poverty because every 'progressive' knows that the poor cannot be trusted to budget on a monthly basis.

Second we had the bleeding heart progressives lecturing us that giving 'the poor' vouchers which can only be spent on food and essentials is an attack on their dignity and it's disgusting that the state thinks that the poor cannot be, er, trusted to budget. Hang on.

Third we had the bleeding heart progressives running an an editorial "In praise of… halloumi" which as an exercise in self-parody was a towering effort of satire.

Perhaps they should ask themselves why amongst the poor that readership of the Guardian and Observer is astonishingly low?

Perhaps it's because the patronising load of codswallop served up as 'being on your side' doesn't resonant with us.

And in my universe, TV cooks would not be able to use any ingredient that couldn't get from their local Londis. That's the real world.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

That Twas The Tweak That Twas

My vigilant reader may notice I've made a few tweaks to this site.

Nothing has been deleted... and there is a madness in my method!

On the otherhand, muckspReading is a satirical site, has never been affiliated with any party and will continue its 10 year mission to keep throwing punches about local and national current affairs when there is fun to be had.

Friday, 15 March 2013

75 Years...

HMS Belfast C35
To celebrate the 75th anniversary of her launch, here's a picture of HMS Belfast all guns blazing on the Royal Navy Far East Deployment in 1959.

Friday, 8 March 2013

About Time

I know this might disappoint some, but I welcome the appointment of Helena Morrissey as the chair of the independent inquiry into the Lib Dems' processes & complaints procedures. I think it's only fair that I allow due process to take its course so depending on how things pan out I may be making some tweaks to this site ;-)

The Lib Dems have nothing to fear from the truth. It's the trying to hide things that causes the damage.