Saturday, 22 June 2013

Union Eyes

Today Len McCluskey got immediate feedback from a member after his speech at the "People's Assembly" (sic): "I have cancelled my direct debit. Please remove me as a member."

I've been a proud union member since 1989 but after 24 years of union membership including a stint as union rep at Fujitsu I am no longer a member of Unite. I just couldn't stomach the hypocrisy any longer.

I'm no sitting on the side-lines member. I helped organise strike action against changes to pensions, unfair redundancies and poorer working conditions. I'm proud of the fight my union made on behalf of its members at Fujitsu Services. We got concessions and showed why unions are still relevant in the workplace.

The role of unions sticking up for the rights of workers against avaricious corporations and unfair practices is exactly why they should and do exist and it's why although never being a Labour member I have supported and stood up for the right of working people to be organised and represented.

Yet during my 24 years of membership I've seen my union support the Iraq war, bankroll a party that for 13 years refused to roll back anti-trade union laws, voted for Ed Miliband against the overwhelming support of the parliamentary and local membership of the Labour party...

... I somehow managed to live with it...

...but today Len McCluskey went too far. Wot a wanker.

Note: Less than 10% of Unite members voted for Len McCluskey in the leadership election. I didn't. I voted for Jerry Hicks. Politically we're miles apart but at least Jerry Hicks is an honest union man and not a steaming hypocrite like McCluskey,

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