Thursday, 27 March 2014

Ignore The Machine

Reading Chronicle promises a full investigation. Why waste everybody's time? 
We know exactly who committed the murder. It was the editor, in the office, with a computer keyboard.


You may, of course, notice that apart from the front page and other people's contributions, the paper and the editor himself says nothing.

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Randall said...

'Reading Football Club is the heartbeat of this town'. Quite. And the lungs are clogged with diesel fumes, the arteries full of discarded shopping trolleys, the spleen rife with electoral fraud and the brain addled by consumerism and a hopelessly dull civic plan. I don't quite know why this town bothers with a football club. It's life is short, judging by this town's attitude to any other form of large-scale organised cultural enterprise (apart from the Festival which isn't organised from Reading). BTW, what's wrong with the RC article? Does it contain obvious lies? If so, please do elaborate.